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Youth Group RK2j

RK2j (Roman Catholic youth Rotterdam Kralingen) is a pleasant and accessible way to meet other Roman-Catholic young people. We offer faith exploration and sharing of faith by talking in small discussion groups about the theme of that day. The theme of the day is introduced by (for example) an informative DVD, a gast speaker or other course material. 
We also provide all kinds of activities like movie nights, Sinterklaas visits us in December and we have a BBQ at the end of the season!
RK2j organizes activities for young people who speak Dutch or English in the age of 20 till 35 years of age (this is not a strict age limit).
No matter what, the nice and open setting at the RK2j activities makes every meeting a big success!

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RK2j spring 2019


Do you want to join other Catholics in order to share and explore your faith?

Father Richard Steenvoorde o.p. takes us on the 'Road to Emmaus' with pictures of characters in this stories and parts of the Bible.

Please join us at the following dates:

19 February
12 19 March
2 April


19:45-20:00: welcome

20:00-20:30: introduction Richard Steenvoorde o.p.                  

20:30-20:45: break

20:45-21:30: discussion

21:30-22:00: wrap up (plenaire)

22:00-22:30: informal drinks                   


Oostzeedijk beneden 5 (opposite church)

For more information and to sign in for the meetings you can email to: