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Youth Group RK2j

RK2j (Roman Catholic youth Rotterdam Kralingen) is a pleasant and accessible way to meet other Roman-Catholic young people. We offer faith exploration and sharing of faith by talking in small discussion groups about the theme of that day. The theme of the day is introduced by (for example) an informative DVD, a gast speaker or other course material. 
We also provide all kinds of activities like movie nights, Sinterklaas visits us in December and we have a BBQ at the end of the season!
RK2j organizes activities for young people who speak Dutch or English in the age of 20 till 35 years of age (this is not a strict age limit).
No matter what, the nice and open setting at the RK2j activities makes every meeting a big success!

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Kind regards, team RK2j


RK2j spring 2017



RK2j will organize four meetings after the Sunday Mass at 10h for young people till 35 years old. The Gospel of that Sunday Mass will be studied and discussed to find what the Gospel is telling us and which lessons we can cooperate in our daily lives.

Off course there will be enough time to meet the other young people. Furthermore RK2j will provide something to eat and drink during the meetings.


Dates and location

Meetings of RK2j will be after the following Sunday Masses of 10h between 11.15h and 12.30/13h.:

  • 19th February 2017

  • 19th March 2017

  • 30th April 2017

  • 21th May 2017

After the Mass we will gather near the stairs to the Altar at the front of the Church.


For more information and to sign in for the meetings you can email to:


Dates/Agenda Autum 2016

Evenings start at 20.00h (doors are open from 19.45h). Location: Parochiehuis, Oostzeedijk Beneden 5, Rotterdam


Please let us know if you like to come to RK2j, click here... 


Saint nights (18 and 25 November 2014)


Evening 1: Old and new

During this evening two couples of Saints lives will be demonstrated. One Saint who was living a longer time ago and a Saint who lived more recently. What are there comparisons and what are there differences? How can they inspire as during our lives?

Get to know more about other Saints  by our newly developed Saintsgame!


Evening 2: Saint of Rotterdam -> H. Laurentius by deacon Franck Baggen.

Bisshop van den Hende of Rotterdam has declared this year the Laurentiusyear. H. Laurentius is a very inspiring Saint and patron of the diocese of Rotterdam. Deacon Franck Baggen will tell about the live of this Saint and his special bound with diaconate.

Get to know more about other Saints  by our newly developed Saintsgame!


Sinterklaas visits RK2j (Saterday 29th November)

Saterday the 29th of November Sinterklaas will visit RK2j for the first time. We invite all the young persons in the age of 20 till 35 years of age to celebrate Sinterklaas with use.

We will play a very nice game, but off course in the tradition of Sinterklaas we need presents for that game!

So to celebrate Sinterklaas bring a gift along which is suitable for boys and girls and which is NOT eatable (so everybody has a remembrance of the evening).

The price range of the gift is between €7,50 and €10,-.


We will take care of traditional Sinterklaas sweets!


When: Saterday 29th of November

Time: Start around 20.00h (after the 19.00h Mass).

Place: Parochiehuis, Oostzeedijk Beneden 5, Rotterdam


See you the 29th of November at the RK2j Sinterklaas evening!!



BBQ 29th of june

We had a very successfull and nice BBQ to end the first season of RK2j on Sunday the 29th of June. We thank all the participants of this seasons Youth CaFE 1 and 2 courses.

We look forward to the next season of RK2j with a lot of new activities!

See you all next season!


RK2j goes to WYD?

Website WYD 2016

The new WYD-website, in English, for the World Youth Days in 2016 in Krakow is in the air. On the website a count down has been started to the World Youth Days in Poland.


There will be a travel initiative from the Diocese of Rotterdam, which will be joined by young people of our RK2j.


In the summer more plans will be made for this travel initiative.

Do you have ideas for the WYD 2016, email them to